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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Brighter Day ARTIST: Coconut Cluster There's been a lot of buzz lately in the post-rock world, and Parisian duo Coconut Cluster have thrown their hat in the ring with their debut EP 'Brighter Day'. But despite this being their first release under the title, the pair consisting of guitarist/composer Matthieu Connen and music producer Gaël Maffre have been collaborating for ten years - and it's this sense of establishment that really shines through on this release.

With more than just a hint of shoe-gaze tendencies, the tracks are dense and absorbing soundscapes with breathy, chanting vocals and swelling post-rock crescendos that at times give the feeling you're floating on a cloud underwater in a parallel universe.

'When We Burn' opens up with some crunchy beats, while tracks like 'Downstream' and 'The Strange' take the tempo down a notch and really showcase a grittier side to the pair. It's a beautiful exercise in restraint, balancing in-your-face moments with stripped back calm. If you like yourself a bit of Radiohead but with an IDM twist, you may just fall head over heels for Coconut Cluster. More info below.

COCONUT CLUSTER: Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp



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