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  • Tiana Speter


EP: More Human ARTIST: Passerine In the mood for some sparkling synths and slinky vocals? You're in luck because galactic-popsters Passerine have just released their new EP 'More Human' this week - and it's a kaleidoscopic beauty. The road to release for the Melbourne trio was no easy feat, including a hospitalisation with a rare neurological/autoimmune disease that left vocalist/violist Phoebe Dubar paralysed for weeks. But despite any hindrances, the EP is a journey through lush textures and some spectacular producing from live producer Benjamin Murphy. Tracks like the sultry 'Synthetic Heart' and the pumping title track show off the group's slick songwriting, driven by resident beat-king Alex Gooding. And if that weren't enough, 'More Human' comes armed with some seriously fire remixes from fellow Melbourne musos Ok Sure, Super Magic Hats, JamBau and Smile On Impact.

It comes as no surprise that Passerine have already done the rounds on multiple headline tours - and with 'More Human' already lauded as their best release yet, one can't help but wonder if this ethereal lot are in fact more than human. I, for one, welcome our new synth overlords. FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @thisispasserine | Soundcloud



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