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  • Tiana Speter

NEW MUSIC: Brisbane's KRAVE Tackle Toxicity With Stunning Finesse


Keeping up appearances has been the plight of humanity well beyond the digital age. But in a time when self esteem, perceived value, expectations, and social masking in general seems more prevalent and damaging than ever, it's always comforting to experience a piece of art that channels this reality into something equally cathartic and captivating; enter Charade, the brand new single out today from Brisbane alt metal rockers KRAVE.

With melancholic ambient undertones, driving guitars and the pristine stylings of vocalist and bassist Siana Davis, Charade is a powerful and cathartic ode to the complexities surrounding social masking with polished production. Culminating in a raw and captivating climax, with Davis showcasing her dynamic vocal range a la Lzzy Hale in the emphatic bridge, Charade also litters competing spoken word utterances in its verses, mimicking the onslaught of life's daily criticisms and interactions.

“Whilst conveying a story of rock bottom, Charade offers a glimpse into the consequences of trying to be a perfect person within every facet of life," shares Davis. "This sad story is about someone who feels so afraid to show their true state of being to other people in fear of being criticised, rejected and unloved. This character tortures themselves day in and day out by hiding their ocean of pain from others in an attempt to play a lovable character everyone could accept.”

“I reflect on the mountain of mental torture not openly discussed as a person experiencing neurodifference and mental health adversities. The unmanageability can leak into every aspect of life so immensely that the awful projection of considered death rattled me. By grace, an unconditional person gave me some incredible advice and comfort in reconsidering life - “take a breath before you choose to die”.

A sharpened follow up to the band's 2022 singles Midnight and Shapeshifting, Charade also arrives today with a brand new music video, completing the song's messaging with striking visual metaphors.

Charade is out now.

For more KRAVE info, head here.




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