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  • Tiana Speter


SONG: Get Heavy ARTIST: Port Royal

If like me you enjoy a bit of good old fashioned rock and/or roll, then have I got a treat for you - Brisbane rockers Port Royal have just unleashed their latest track, and hot damn is it a good time. Having only been in existence for a year and a half, these boisterous Brissie boys get heavy and more with an ode to youth, good times and some straight up classic rock in their new single 'Get Heavy'.

Kicking off with ridiculously fun beats and some surly grunt from lead singer Lawson Doyle, the track masterfully captures this quirky quartet's chaotic energy and their authentic rock vibes. But the recording process itself was not without chaos, with the band's original guitarist quitting unexpectedly during the recording process - however replacement guitarist Brennan O'Neill proves more than up to the task, bringing a swaggering precision to the band's already solid sound.

Boasting a pretty dazzling array of influences (The Rolling Stones, Kasabian, Jet), Port Royal's new track is a solid offering as it journeys through the highs and lows of growing up as only a rock song can - described by Doyle as an inspiration of "the frustrations and experiences of adolescence: no money, late nights, broken hearts, and substance experimentation"

With a heap of new tracks set to drop for Port Royal this year, 'Get Heavy' is just an exciting sign of things to come for the Queensland rockers - and for a rollicking good time, you can check out the official audio video here. PORT ROYAL ARE:

Lawson Doyle - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Connor Arnold - Drums and Backing Vocals Chase Brodie- Bass Guitar and Piano Brennan O'Neill - Lead Guitar SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 17th March, 2017 GENRE(S): Rock



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