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  • Tiana Speter


SONG: Turn Around ARTIST: Hier

Ever wondered what a Future Bass track might sound like if Princess Peach went on a dreamy trip through the clouds in Super Mario World? If your answer is no - enough of your lies, of course you have! And Brisbane producer Hier does just that as the man at the helm of a sparkling little number that snuck out in late March called 'Turn Around'.

Hier (pronounced “high-er”), aka Scott Peachey, has been crafting tasty beats in his studio-bedroom since 2014. And after already establishing himself as a remix whiz, 'Turn Around' marks a significant step in branding his own pulsing vibes into the stratosphere. The track not only drips in heady waves of glitchy synths mixed in with the delightful tones of French singer Wild Fox - it also shows off Hier's uncanny ability to restrain the production glitz and glamour to complement the vocals.

Considering the track is a result of two melodies accidentally coming together, 'Turn Around' is effortlessly cohesive with just enough gloss and pleasant surprises to separate it from the obvious influences of Flume and the like. It's a dazzling display, and with an equal flair for dramatic remixes and memorable originals, Heir is a definite one to watch.

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 31st March, 2017

GENRE(S): Future Bass/EDM

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