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  • Tiana Speter


SONG: I Want Everything ARTIST: The Dollar Bill Murrays Brisbane has a pretty solid track record of late for producing some freakishly good artists, and woozy rockers The Dollar Bill Murrays are just another example of what the Sunshine State has pumping around. Sadly no, Bill Murray is not singing back-up, but the band's latest single 'I Want Everything' more than makes up for this fact with its wickedly smooth flavour.

From the start it's easy to pinpoint their influences (Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys) - kicking in with hypnotic tambourines and hazy guitars there's a definite 'Make It Wit Chu' vibe, but throughout the track the boys show some serous glimmers of originality and the song builds itself into a silky wonderland with a side of melted fuzz.

First introducing the world to their infectious ways with a self-titled EP in 2016, The Dollar Bill Murrays have been steadily crafting their signature sound, including the heavy-hitting single 'Medicine' released last year which thrust them into the spotlight and propelled them back into the studio.

The road to the release of 'I Want Everything' wasn't an easy one though, with members of the band struck down by intense illness (resulting in frontman Felix Lindgren recording his vocals at the eleventh hour on their last day in the studio). But there's no sign of a struggle on this polished little number - this catchy ear-worm of a track is packed full of psych-rock love and gritty buzz, and quite frankly it's sexy as hell. Expect big things from these bustling Brisbane boys in the next few months.

Check the single out here.

THE DOLLAR BILL MURRAYS ARE: Felix Lindgren: Vocals & Guitar Antii Kovacs: Lead Guitar Rachit Moti: Drums Paul Ballam-Cross: Bass Guitar

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 3rd March, 2017 GENRE(S): Alternative Rock/Fuzz Rock


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